Meet Crystal: Jewelry Lover & Empowering Leader

Crystal's passion for fashion, affordability, and cuteness knows no bounds. She initially joined Paparazzi in 2017 for the irresistible jewelry discount, but her love for stunning jewelry and her desire to help others propelled her to pursue her calling. Over the past six years, Crystal has empowered over 4700 individuals to establish their Bling Empire.

Crystal currently holds the lifetime rank of Jetsetter and leads the impressive Divine Elite Team and earns a multi-six figure income. Her distinct fashion sense sets her apart, with a love for animal print, pearls, bling, and pink.

When she's not styling her VIP clients, she's a devoted wife and mother. Crystal loves her family and enjoys traveling with them, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

She feels incredibly blessed to work alongside her amazing husband, Maurice, aka Breezy Prime!

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