Five Dollar Jewelry Changed My Life!

Hey ya'll! Today I'm sharing MY Paparazzi Story with you! 

I learned about Paparazzi Accessories in March of 2017 when a  friend of mine invited me to an online party she was hosting. Being the supportive friend I am, I attended and made a purchase. Initially I was hesitant because of the super low price. I mean think about it, I'd been brainwashed to believe that I had to pay $25 and up for one cute necklace. When I made that first purchase, I had no idea my life as about to change forever!!!

As soon as I received my first order I was immediately HOOKED!!! I started making purchases 4-5 times a week! I'm not kidding, ask my loving husband. I went crazy purchasing jewelry for five months before my husband MADE me sign up to be a consultant. I really didn't want to because I had ZERO interest in selling the jewelry. But I decided to pray about it and let God lead the way!!

I officially began my Paparazzi journey on August 7, 2017. I started out only wanting a discount. Little did I know, God had a much bigger plan for me! Within the first week of joining, I had my first team member. Two weeks later, two additional women joined my team and I became a Director! I couldn't believe it. Why you ask? Because I only signed up to get my jewelry for $2.75!!! September rolled around and my business literally exploded. My team double ranked in September 2017 and we became an Executive Director team. In October 2017 we ranked up to Producer and in November 2017 we became a Premier Producer team! I made Paparazzi history in December 2017 when I became the FIRST consultant to EVER achieve Elite Status in the month of December! We are currently a Jetsetter team and have almost 4100 amazing women and men on our team. We are growing by leaps and bounds every single day!

Paparazzi has changed the way my family does life!  I was able to walk away from Corporate America in January 2018! Talk about a blessing?! Some days I still cannot believe I'm able to support my family off of $5 jewelry, coupled with my passion of helping others be successful. I empower women to be the very best they can be. 

You will always hear me say, "the money is good but the freedom is PRICELESS!" Paparazzi has given me the freedom to work from anywhere. I can literally run my business from my phone anywhere in the world! 

I have always been passionate about helping others be successful. Because of Paparazzi, I'm blessed to join my love for people with my love of accessories. I'm literally changing lives $5 at a time! I empower women and teach them how to SLAY their Paparazzi Accessories business!! I have been very blessed to be named a Paparazzi Six Figure Bling Boss for 4 years in a row!!! I want to teach you how to build YOUR empire! The formula is simple, you just have to be consistent and determined to work no matter what.

Paparazzi is a life changing opportunity and I thank God every single day for it! I would love to teach YOU how to build your BLING Empire!! Why should you partner with me? That's an easy one....I care about your success and I want YOU to WIN! Everyone knows that I am an organization geek and I LOVE streamlining processes. I'm all about working smarter, not harder. I am one of the fastest ranking consultants in Paparazzi. I know what works and my team benefits from having my playbook at their fingertips. All you need is a CEO mindset and a willingness to implement!

If you're curious and want more information about becoming an Independent Paparazzi consultant, click here.  If you're ready to get started, click here to partner with me! Let's win and slay together! I can't wait to welcome YOU to the Pink Side! 

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